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My Child Is Advanced

My child is surprisingly advanced for his age. It’s nothing we’ve done, apart from obviously we enrolled him in Kumon aged 4 months, taught him phonics whilst still in the womb and had Darcey Bussell herself teaching him ballet since … Continue reading

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The balance does not exist

There is no perfect balance between work and home when you are a parent. I do not believe that the equilibrium will ever be ‘just so’ in this respect. Parenting is the single hardest job you could ever do. There … Continue reading

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Why Co-Sleeping Was a Big Mistake

When Wilbur was born, just 19 months after Joni, I only had experience of one child. Joni, as it turns out, was an easy baby to manage. She’s laid back and relaxed and generally compliant. She slept. She could have … Continue reading

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