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Is Parenting Comparable to Work? Absolutely Not.

Whether parents should work is a familiar¬†and¬†regular headline, discussion topic and point of contention amongst the media,¬†politicians and commentators (not to mention bloggers). Or more poignantly the discussion often focusses around whether stay at home parents, those who work or … Continue reading

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Is there really a need? Poverty – hiding in plain sight.

The question I get asked the most about First Days is ‘is there really a need?’. In the town, Wokingham, where First Days was established it is presumed that there really isn’t a need at all for practical support for … Continue reading

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So you don’t like Foodbanks? Fine, look away.

Since the Mail on Sunday’s supposed ‘sting’ on foodbanks I have read, seen and heard a fair amount of criticism aimed at foodbanks, the people who run them, charities in general and of course the people who use them. As … Continue reading

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