The Perfect Summer Cocktail – The Balcony Refresher

If you are wondering, which I’m sure you are (not), what my drink of choice will always be every summer for ever more then this is it. The Balcony Refresher. The recipe is adapted from one originally in the Waitrose magazine (to contain more alcohol) and makes the most moreish summer afternoon cocktail there is. I’m really not a fan of watering down any alcohol ever, but the fizzy water in this one is what makes it so drinkable (for research purposes I have obviously tried it without too and it wasn’t as good.

Tip: Do not offer to make dinner after an afternoon of drinking a few jugs of this … at best the dinner will contain potentially dangerous levels of mozzarella and at worst will not get made at all. You’ve been warned.

Best enjoyed with people with a similar love of prosecco and gin, preferably on a balcony.

perfect summer cocktails

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6 Responses to The Perfect Summer Cocktail – The Balcony Refresher

  1. this looks right up my street! I used to hate gin (after a a bad experience as a teen!) but I got into it last year and now I LOVE it! x

  2. globalmouse says:

    Ooh that sounds lovely! I’m a big gin fan and adore elderflower…yummy!

  3. Yum this looks amazing, I love elderflower x

  4. i love elderflower, and gin, so must try this at some point!

  5. liabillimore says:

    This looks lovely – such a good combination of flavours! Yum x

  6. I am so going to make this this summer! I love anything with bubbly and elderflower mixed together – bliss

    Laura x

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