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Pelvic Pain In Pregnancy – The Big Misunderstandings

SPD, also known as PGP is a complication of pregnancy that is thoroughly underestimated and misunderstood. On many occasions midwives – MIDWIVES! – told me that ‘everyone gets aches and pains’ whilst they are pregnant. I guess they just didn’t … Continue reading

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Unusual Pregnancy Compliments You’ll Want To Hear

Being pregnant can leave you feeling like it’s an open day at an over familiar and slightly inappropriate petting zoo. Midwives, doctors and members of the general public will say things to you that you never thought you’d hear as … Continue reading

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Maybe Baby?

I have been shocked over the past year at the ferocity with which I have responded to the ‘having any more?’ question and the joy with which we have purged ourselves of newborn stuff. I always thought I would be … Continue reading

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