A Letter to Mother’s Friend

Oh mother’s friend. We first met when I was a child, I know you were a comfort to my Mum, guiding her through our early years with your soothing wisdom and calming presence. Always on call in a time of crisis – a go to for all sorts of problems, the first thought at any sign of grief or pain. What a lovely friend. A port in the storm of those early years. I’ll never forget the day we made a huge mess together all over the upstairs landing, it didn’t matter though – Mum was quick to forgive you. It was a sad day when we didn’t see you again, your striking, comforting face  perhaps harshly banished from our home in a clearance, of sorts, of things from our childhood. Once, at university a friend of mine said she had called you one night to help her sleep – it was surprising, I didn’t think it was something that she would do – I’m not sure how she got hold of you actually – I didn’t know she knew you so well, if i’m honest.

As I grew I became better acquainted with some of your friends, i’ll never forget the day I was in hospital, having given birth to my daughter, when I met an acquaintance of yours. He was tougher, nicer actually, and kind of worked a bit harder. You had your time and you were, frankly, forgotten about. That was until my daughter was 6 weeks old. Someone mentioned you and my eyes lit up. I thought ‘yes!’, you are exactly what we need to get through this time. I went to find you, quite excited to see you again! There you were in all your glory, albeit a little less sweet, a purple beacon shining in the darkness. Now, as you sit in my kitchen, with some swanky new additions, I am so grateful that you haven’t really changed. You offer comfort to my children. You provide answers where there were none, a bastion of strength in times of weakness. Some people, the fools, suggest other things might work better than you – but don’t worry, I will always choose you for my children, you beautiful syrup elixir, mothers best friend.

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4 Responses to A Letter to Mother’s Friend

  1. 4and8 says:

    Best bit of writing I’ve read in a very long time. Wonderful.

  2. Donna says:

    Great post! Definitely a friend in our house too! x

  3. Mumaleary says:

    Oh yes- A friend to all!! x

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