Forced Relaxation (and Fish Pie)

The other night I was at netball training and one of the women I play with was describing watching Sunday Brunch as she prepared lunch for her family. I thought ‘when does that happen?’, when do I start having a proper home with a proper routine with things like Sunday lunch? It dawned on me that with two children and the life we have perhaps if it was going to happen it should have done by now. We don’t have routined meal times at the weekend at the moment and our weekends are really different each week – not least because I often use them to catch up on work while Chris is home. On Saturday this weekend for example we intended on a quiet day at home but a fortuitous set of unfortunate circumstance meant a surprise morning with my Mum and prosecco at lunchtime. I like spontaneity like that.

I’ve struggled recently with feeling like I just cannot relax. Life is too busy and we have a lot going on. This bank holiday weekend I made a concious decision to not check my emails and not think or talk about work, ,finances, household things. It worked, on the whole. I actually feel like I relaxed and I think I feel like I’ve had a kind of break.

When we were given the opportunity to be part of the Morrisons Mum/Dad campaign I was very excited – free food shopping? Yes please, especially as I had designated this weekend to relax. I went to Morrisons and bought enough food for at least three weeks with the vouchers we were given. Little did I know that Morrisons is actually 2.5 minute away (I timed it) and I have never been there. This is like the time I realised that there was a branch of my favourite coffee shop at the end of my road in London and I hadn’t realised because I’d always got on the bus directly outside my house. oops.Untitled design (2)

Being a Morrisons virgin I didn’t really know what to expect. I spent most of time walking around the shop wondering why we’d not to come here before. Things like nappies and meat were cheaper than we pay elsewhere. I located everything on my list and picked up some more things too (and by things I mean bottles of prosecco). We had a great weekend of food: Burgers – which were absolutely delicious and brioche pain au chocolat were fab too. We also had our signature brunch with my brother and his family – egg and bacon filled English muffins and jugs and jugs of fresh coffee. Heaven.

I did some rare cooking and made this Fish Pie – which was delicious … here is the recipe –

Fish Pie recipe easyUntitled designThe cost per serving was a fantastic £1.85, the pie serves 6. It completed a fantastic bank holiday weekend of delicious food! Thank you Morrisons!


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7 Responses to Forced Relaxation (and Fish Pie)

  1. Mumaleary says:

    Ha ha- I was a #MorrisonsMum this weekend too and was really impressed with our experience…weirdly we also made fish pie- with a very similar cost per serving!! Glad you enjoyed it and hope the prosecco was yummy too. x

  2. 4and8 says:

    Oh thank god! I thought it was just us who don’t have routine weekends! Makes it a ruddy nightmare sometimes to keep up with all the food shopping and cleaning…Let alone looking after small people! But like you spontinaity does also bring unexpected and therefore that much more appreciated joy to my life! We’re total Morrisons converts since living down the road from 1. stuff is cheaper by zillions than saino’s but still tastes of something unlike asda and tesco (IMHO). I highly recommend their savers chocolate mooses I dread to think why they only cost 17p for 6 but they’re bloody lovely! Xx

  3. Donna says:

    We loved Morrisons too, although I did go to Aldershot one…! I will definitely be going back, although I missed the 17p mousses!!!! x

    • bornin2011 says:

      apparently they stock clothes in the bigger ones?? The one in Wokingham is quite small.

      Is there one in a ‘different’ place to aldershot, close to you??!!! xx

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