Experts of our own experience – May – Weaning

Here is the first in the new series Experts of our Own Experience – I am inviting you to share all your experiences on a theme each month. We will be covering all sorts relating to parenting, the idea is that we are all experts of the things we have experienced as parents and sharing that expertise might help others on their way through the parental maze. This month the theme is weaning, if you are a blogger and have a post then please link up below; if you don’t have a blog and would like to write something then please get in touch with me – i’d love to post it here! 

First up then, is a guest post from Charlotte who is Mummy to Nell and is pregnant with baby number two. Thank you so much for writing Charlotte.

I hate weaning. My second baby hasn’t even been born yet and I am already dreading weaning. It’s stressful, messy, difficult, and as all parenting matters seem to be these days, contentious.  How you wean your child has become yet another competition in the ‘How marvellous you are as a parent’ stakes. Ready-made puree feeders at the bottom of the list, BLW, fresh organic nutritious meal feeders at the top. As with most of these things, surely most of us fall somewhere in between.

I tried to do BLW. I really did. I sliced up some cucumber and banana all ready to go….and then Nell almost choked on the banana, I got scared and couldn’t carry on with it. I have a massive, real fear of people choking. My uncle very nearly died from choking at my sister’s 18th birthday party. My mum saved his life. It made me a huge wimp when it comes to people, any people, eating around me. I am genuinely scared at mealtimes. It’s ridiculous and illogical but it is real and it was a MASSIVE problem when it came to feeding my baby food.

At first we were making homemade fruit and veg purees but I then got worried about lumps. We worked around this by using the staged shop-bought baby food which, although not my ideal in terms of nutrition, really helped me to get textured and then lumpy food into Nell. Slowly, I was able to understand what sort of lumps she could handle and that agve me confidence to go back to making our own. (I made my husband feed her finger food, whilst I left the room entirely, for almost a year.) This hasn’t affected Nell in the slightest in terms of how she eats. But WHAT she eats has been tricky for about 8 months now. Nell decided that she liked the taste of shop-bought toddler meals. So much so, that getting homemade food into her was and still is incredibly difficult. Added to this a general toddler fussiness and refusal to try new foods and her diet is pretty rubbish: Ready Brek, fruit pots, fruit, bread goods (bread, toast, crackers), croissants, cakes, chocolate, cheese, pasta (ready meals), yoghurt, fish fingers, chips. Occasionally a bit of tuna or salmon as long as we call it cake and it’s in a sandwich. That’s essentially it. I feel like an enormous failure everytime I see other two year olds tucking in to nutritious, delicious home made meals. Nell doesn’t even try new food – won’t even taste it. It’s frustrating and annoying.

 We are trying – we’ve changed our mealtimes around so we eat with her, as a family, and have the same food but it’s not a roaring success at the moment. I’m trying not to be anxious about it and worry that she’ll still be a crap eater at 40. But it is hard.

 With another baby imminent, I am hoping I’ll be less of a wimp when it comes to baby-led weaning, and that that in turn will lead to a better experience and better eater all round. Who knows. But I  do HATE IT and can’t wait for it to be over!

 Thank you Charlotte! If you’d like to link up please grab a badge, add it to your post and then link up below! (You need to click on the link to add, sorry stupid wordpress) Can’t wait to read your experiences. 

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6 Responses to Experts of our own experience – May – Weaning

  1. Muslim Mummy says:

    I never minded weaning with both my girls…they took to food pretty much straight away and we enjoyed it

  2. TheMadHouse says:

    I think that parenting first time round is always the hardest. You question everything. I was so much more relaxed second time around

  3. globalmouse says:

    The first time is definitely the hardest…it definitely gets easier with each time and I honestly think that pretty much however they are weaned they will be fine in the end!

  4. Was so hard first time with my daughter as she was born 10 weeks early .x

  5. pixiemamablog says:

    I loved weaning my three, our eldest loved pretty much everything, I’ve never used the store bought stuff, always made me own so I knew what was in it.

  6. mummylimited says:

    Please stop beating yourself up. It’s nothing you did. Toddlers are total carb monsters. They basically survive on brown food! I hate weaning too and the inevitable fussiness that follows.
    I BLW both my boys. My 5yo was never interested in food really and still isn’t, but is getting better and goes through phases of trying stuff and not. My 2yo loved food from the off and I thought it would be easy, but he still hit fussy toddler phase. Again, trying new stuff is hit and miss, depending on his mood.
    I know very few small children that eat much meat or fish. I doff my hat to your tuna success 😉
    My new baby is 9wks and I’m already dreading weaning.

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