The Dress





These photos knocked me sideways, somewhat. This girl is my daughter. At only three years old she towers above most of her peers and has shed all of the outer appearance of a baby or toddler. She’s a little girl. A little girl with a remarkable memory and wonderful sense of humour. She’s strong minded and so very kind. She gets very frustrated.

I understand her so well, we know each other. Her brother is, in so many ways, a mystery to me. I have always found it so easy to understand Joni’s needs and can respond to them. It scares me that she is growing up. I just want her to be ok. I don’t want her to grow up with the burden of worry that I did, feeling like she has to conform or be something she isn’t.

She is wearing a dress I found in a rare visit to a charity shop, I only went in because I saw a Smafolk t-shirt in the window in Wilbur’s size and didn’t want to walk past it. This dress made me think immediately of how my Mum used to dress me. Joni, to my surprise, loved it and called it her Sound of Music dress and has worn it all weekend. This dress made me see her in a different light. Grown up and growing in independence.

If I can do one thing for her as she grows it will be to treat her the age she is. She might appear older, taller and perhaps more able but I know that, in the safety of her home, my little girl needs to be nurtured according to her age, not the age she appears to be. If I can do that for her – offer her that security – I think she will be ok.

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10 Responses to The Dress

  1. Donna says:

    Completely agree. I think all children need to be treated the age they are not the age they appear to be – So many children appear so much older at young ages and the best we can do is to treat them the age they are x

  2. Gawd she’s lovely, what incredible pictures, you’ve really captured something there.

  3. She’s so beautiful and I love the dress! I keep looking at Cherry and it scares me how grown up she is becoming, there is so much to worry about and it’s hard because like you said we want them to be okay in the areas we weren’t growing up x

  4. abigail says:

    Firstly, that dress is amazing, I want it in my size! And secondly we have the same thing with Theo, as he’s so tall. I have to catch myself too when I’m expecting too much of him and forgetting that he is only three years old, and not quite a fully blown child even though he may look it!

  5. Fiona says:

    She’s so beautiful 🙂 x

  6. aww Joni! she is so lovely, you’re doing a fantastic job. Wilf is off the chart for his age and always has been but one of his friends is VERY tall, he’s two and looks around four..people treat him differently and expect more from him, it’s so tough x

  7. pixiemamablog says:

    that dress is so beautiful {and so is Joni}. Baya is quite tiny for her age, people often think she’s younger than five x

  8. Mary says:

    She looks very Sound of Music in the park 🙂 I absolutely agree that little girls should be little girls for as long as possible – I don’t know easy it will be to keep that up when mine starts school in September though

  9. Beautiful dress! When you mentioned she was three, the first thing I thought was, “She has such long hair!!” I reckon that probably adds to the effect as well. My daughter will soon be three too. I can hardly believe it. We really must make the most of this precious time.

  10. love that dress! i used to have a very similar one when i was younger too. i miss it! she looks ever so lovely in it.

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