Last Friday

Last week was a hard one – both children had tonsillitis, Chris was ill and we had a big week of work between us. When I got to thursday evening I heaved a huge sigh of relief. Friday is the best day of the week. We spend the entire day with my grandparents. Joni and Grandad are best friends and Wilbur saves all his biggest kisses for Nananne. Last Friday was a little strange though.

Two Poorly Poppets

Two Poorly Poppets

It was all going relatively smoothly until we left for lunch. Joni refused to put her shoes on and hid in the cupboard under the stairs. So, I decided to put Wilbs in Grandad’s car and then coax Joni out of the cupboard. Eventually after a ‘fine i’ll leave you here then’ from me she emerged … and we got her in the car. In the mean time Grandad et al had headed off for lunch. Simple, a minor tantrum overcome and I followed them. Or I would have done if I had found my keys. They were nowhere, one minute there and the next gone.

I called Grandad to see if he had picked them up by mistake. He hadn’t. ARGHH! More searching led Grandad outside to check his car, but he was intercepted by someone who had found my keys. On Grandad’s car roof (of course, I had put Wilbur in the car and stashed them there whilst I strapped him in, it works well in my own car – I can’t exactly drive off with the keys on the roof – not such a fail-safe plan in someone else’s car. duh.). However, Grandad, with all his military organisation and attention to detail had left all his car doors open, which is what had alerted the kind lady to my keys on the roof. We were baffled as to how and why the doors were left open and how on earth had my keys not fallen off the roof on the way to our lunch venue?!

Phew. Drama over. Everyone fed. Nice relaxing afternoon back at Nananne and Grandad’s house. No flipping way. On the way home my darling nearly 3 year old decided to shove a bead up her nose. I was all for leaving it there and hoping it would make its way out by itself. Twitter told me to go to A&E. Dammit. So, I called NHS 111 – and they told us (after a long, long, phone call) to go A&E. Twitter, in future, I will just do what you say.

Very happily playing at the hospital

Very happily playing at the hospital

So we headed to our local minor injuries unit. We waited for two hours for a nurse to get the bead out of Joni’s nose. In that two hours Joni filled her nappy with the most foul smelling deposit … It smelled so bad (despite me changing it within a minute of it being filled), thanks to antibiotics, that the receptionist genuinely thought there was a sewage leak and called maintenance. Yup. Bead out we returned home, via a shop where we bought Joni a kinder egg. Because obviously, a chocolate reward and a brilliant time playing with the toys in the waiting room is in no way at all motivation to shove more things up ones nostrils. Parenting 101.

This Friday has to be better?? Wish us luck?

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One Response to Last Friday

  1. Donna says:

    This friday will definitely be better. HIDE THE BEADS!! x

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