Inspiring Parents – Jenny Mortimer

As part of my new series – about parents who have changed what they do for work since having children – I had a chat with lovely Jenny from the amazing Kyna Boutique ..

The lovely Jenny

The lovely Jenny

Tell us about what you do now (and what you did before): 

What I do now, eek well here goes.  I own KyNa Boutique. An online children’s clothes store selling organic only clothing for 0-5’s ( age 6 from Jan)  I seek out small unique brands that are different to what you can find on the high street.

Before, well ALL of my past has been in financial services, For the 12 years prior to KyNa I was an Operations Manager within the Pensions department of a large financial services company.

Quite a big change then – why did you start Kyna? 

 I started KyNa for two reasons, 1. After having my second child the cost of childcare became silly. I would have been working LONG hours with lots of stress and responsibility for very little reward, so it was decided that even though, as crazy as it sounds, i loved my job, realistically having a family just didn’t fit with it.  I still needed something for “me” though, don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my kids but I needed to be something other than their mum, to keep a bit of my identity.

2. When the kids were babies they had bad eczema and I found that organic cotton really helped their skin, it contained no irritants and made a huge difference. I wasn’t happy with the bland colours on the high street so I found out bright, colourful, unique organic clothing. I was often asked at the school gates where their clothes came from so I thought you know what, lets give it a go, this is my opportunity to be “me”.

 It is clear that you work really hard, and you have three boys as well … what motivates you? 

I enjoy it, doesn’t that sound crazy!  Its totally different from what I have ever done so each day I am learning something new. The biggest motivation is my children, knowing that i never have to miss an important event in their life cos i can work my hours round them .

 That’s the dream I think, working and being there for your children and all the important, special times. So, what advice would you give to other parents thinking of making big changes in their work life? 

Its not easy but as long as you are 100% dedicated and your heart is in it then go for it! The main thing is to make sure you give yourself time off, its all to easy to keep on working so I know set myself days/ times that I don’t work.

I totally agree with Jenny – it’s impossible to stay committed to something, especially when you have children, unless your heart is in it. I think I need to be better at the giving myself time off part. 

Jenny has been such an inspiration to me, and is an encouraging friend on twitter too. I urge you to follow Kyna Boutique in you’re on Twitter and Like her facebook page. You will become addicted to the beautiful clothes she sells – check out the Kyna Boutique website here … it really is beautiful – and I tell you what, the clothes she sells are amazing quality and last AGES, so go forth and buy us Christmas presents 😉 

If you would like to be featured in this series then please get in touch with me! I’d love to feature as many parents as possible, so what are you waiting for? 


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  1. Loved reading this Emma and Jenny. Thanks for sharing your story, very inspiring xx

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