Worst Nightmares

Wilbur was in hospital this weekend, he had what we thought was a tummy bug – which quickly became alternating between being listless and unresponsive and then screaming hysterically for hours on end. We went to the GP who sent us to a&e who then rushed us to Oxford for possible surgery. Thankfully, despite presenting with all the symptoms he did not have Intussusception. His blood results were abnormal and he was still really quite unwell so we were admitted for two nights and a lot more tests and came home today. As babies often do he has rallied and, although irritable and tired, is so much better. Having a sick child who requires hospital treatment is most peoples worst nightmare. By the end of 48hrs of them thinking all sorts of things were wrong with my baby my nerves were shattered.


Which had me thinking … What do you do if your worst nightmare is someone else’s best case scenario? What about the little boy in the room next to ours who was clearly suffering from cancer? Or the tiny babies who were waiting to be strong enough for life saving surgery? I expect their parents would have done anything to be in our shoes – safely at home with their children.

I am so grateful for my children’s health and so desperately sad for those families who are still there fighting for health for their child.

The children’s hospital at John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford, like children’s wards up and down the land, quietly and amazingly get on with looking after families who are experiencing their worst nightmares and for that we owe a debt of gratitude.

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One Response to Worst Nightmares

  1. PollyPodders says:

    I had a night in with Jenson when he was 5 months old. It is terrifying but like you I was grateful for the fact it could have been so much worse. Glad Wilbs is feeling better x

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