Starting From Scratch: New Series

I was recently talking a volunteer who said that I probably had an equal mixture of brilliant and crazy to have started First Days from scratch, when I had a 20 month old and a six week old baby. I think this is a compliment. I was brave, I took a punt on myself, what I can achieve and how much I can do. I am pretty sure I would not have been as brave before I had children. I mean, its not like we know yet whether it was the right decision or whether First Days will be the success I want it to be … but I am doing my best and I am confident that my best is pretty good. I am also hoping that i’ll look back on this time and laugh a little at how I am so often flying by the seat of my pants and managing to get things basically right.

I have written before about how Motherhood has changed me. It has certainly helped me define what it is that I am passionate about, what I really care about and what makes me tick has become clearer. What i’m good at and bad at is also becoming clearer – I am confident in the things I am good at and have enough confidence to admit the things I am less good at. Motherhood has given me self belief. I have noticed that so many other people, upon becoming parents, have changed what they are doing – they have changed their ambitions and started new things. I’d love to feature some parents who have found a new passion or had the confidence to pursue something new since becoming a parent – is that you?

If you’d like to share what you’ve done, how you’ve changed and what inspired you then get in touch with me: tweet me or email me ( Or, if you have a post you’d like to link up then use the Linky below  – I really want to read your stories.

I’m really looking forward to featuring some inspiring parents!

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