Fire In My Belly


How do you turn the fire in your belly into something meaningful? When I set up First Days at the beginning of this year I knew there was a need in the community. I knew that, simply, there were families out there who had loads of stuff and families who didn’t. So far we have helped loads of families (In previous jobs I would have lost it at anyone stating ‘loads’ … numbers people!) and it has been great to help, its a truly rewarding and exciting thing to do. But today, a family I met made my heart hurt.

I have been left feeling inadequate and desperate. Inadequate because there so much more help that is needed and desperate because I can’t understand why, as a society, we can leave children to live like this. With no hope.

At First Days we want to show people kindness and love in a practical way. We want to provide things for children that their parents cannot provide for them. We want to put a smile on a mothers face, who lives with all her children in one room, because we have helped to alleviate just a little of the pressure she is under. We want to work together with other people to help improve society, especially for children.

So, how do I turn this desperation and these tears into something meaningful? I heard someone on the radio this week talking about Big Dreams. He said that all the big dreams that people have are made of a series of small dreams. Small steps that, one day, you can look back on and see was a huge a step. And a huge difference. That’s my hope for First Days – that we will look back and see the huge difference we have made in the lives of children, not just here but all over the country.

For more information about how you can support First Days, or the work that we do please click here

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