Wilbur and Sleep

Peaceful sleep at last

Peaceful sleep at last

If you have read the previous posts on this blog or follow me on twitter you will know that Wilbur hasn’t ever slept that well. He was waking, on average, around every 2 hours. Every night. The effect this can have on a person should not be under estimated. I’m pretty sure it was a major contributing factor to a recent health scare that left me in hospital for 3 days. However, the big news is this: He has slept amazingly well for a whole week. He has been waking at around 11 or 12 and having a bottle of milk and then going back to sleep until morning. A-mazing.

How? Well here are all the things that have changed in the last 6 weeks:

– He’s in his own room

– I’ve stopped breastfeeding him in the night and during the day. He just has one feed before bed and then a bottle of milk in the night.

– The temperature has dropped … is this really my child?? One who does not like heat. Perhaps.

– His bedtime is earlier, around 6pm.

I’m not sure any of these things are the reason he’s sleeping better, but I do know this: we had hit rock bottom. For a few weeks Chris and I had been sleeping so few hours at night and having every evening interrupted numerous times. We had barely spoken for weeks due to complete and utter exhaustion and one of us always being upstairs with Wilbur. So, I like to think that Wilbur took note of me sobbing ‘I just thought it’d be better by now’ and took pity on us. Either way, its good and long may it continue. Whilst its still not perfect and I do think that he is likely to wake more in the night in the future than Joni ever has, it is a huge improvement. Phew.

The boy is One in two weeks, and we are finally seeing the light at the end of the habitually non sleeping tunnel. Until the next tooth comes, I suppose!

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4 Responses to Wilbur and Sleep

  1. Miss Fanny P says:

    oh gosh ….i am so sorry. i had this with my eldest. till he was around 18 months
    it was the wifi. i kid you not

    • bornin2011 says:

      It’s funny, my mother in law read somewhere about babies affected by wifi. We tried turning it off at night but it made no difference. Glad it worked for you, but hopefully yours will grow out of it – or they find a new alternative to wifi 🙂

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