The lost toy

Today will go down in history for two reasons: firstly Wilbur slept from 6-6:30, only waking at 9pm for a bottle of milk. So he can do it then, good eh?

Secondly: It is the day we lost Pete.


Pete. Peter Rabbit. Joni’s best buddy. He’s been breastfeed, weaned, cuddled, sicked on, put to bed and played with to within an inch of his life and today I lost him.

I’m so upset. I have cried! Somewhere in Wokingham Town Pete is all alone. Lost forever. When I realised he was gone I retraced our steps and asked in all the shops we went in but he’s gone. I’m holding out hope that we’ll find him somewhere at home, by some miracle, but I know he’s lost.

Poor Pete. Poor Joni!

Retracing our steps in the river of my tears (not quite)

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5 Responses to The lost toy

  1. Mammasaurus says:

    Oh no! So sad when toys get lost – I must admit everytime I see a teddy perched on a wall by a stranger picking it up from the floor I well up a bit.
    But don’t tell anyone – don’t want them thinking I’ve gone soft 😉

    • bornin2011 says:

      My husband and I were both so shocked by how upset we were. BIG NEWS is that after phoning all the shops we’d been to and tearfully demanding to speak to the manager I located him in Boots! I then sobbed with gratitude down the phone. Which wasn’t at all the most embarrassing thing ever …

  2. victoria says:

    I can remember when my sister lost my nephews ‘woofy’ we walked everywhere!! In the end we put a totally different dog in the wash and was like ‘oh no! What’s it done to woofy?’ ..worked a treat. Poor pete! He’s had a little adventure 😉

  3. Aw no! Can you put the word around your town? Someone may have seen him x

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