Why? WHY?? WHY?????


My life recently has been dominated by WHY? That word for me has been used in sheer frustration and itself been a source of frustration, but for Joni it has opened up a whole new world. She’s at that age where she wants to know Why? EVERYTHING.

I’m always annoying Chris with conversations like this:

Me: you’re really annoying me
C: Why am I annoying you?
Me: I don’t know why you are
C: ok, I mean how am I annoying you?

(If you can’t see that this conversation itself is just plain annoying … then … well, that’s annoying. ANNOYED)

So here are some of our ‘why?’s from this week …

WHY is Wilbur not happy unless he is attempting to burrow under my skin?

WHY is Wilbur crying again?

WHY is your hair Mummy?

WHY does it cost so much money to move?

WHY Mickey Mouse a mouse?

WHY is everything changing all at once?

WHY has everything broken at the same time?

WHY is there a cereal bowl in the toy box?

WHY is Joni coughing so hard that she’s sick?

WHY clothes?

WHY, when the weathers so nice (which I LOVE) do I feel so down and irritable?

WHY those people Mummy?

WHY Wilbur eating grass?

WHY is it still a weekday?

WHY this hat no fit me?

WHY can’t I go to my cousin’s hen do this weekend? WHY was I stupid enough to pay for it and think I would be able to leave The Cling On for a night?

I’ve got some answers, in no particular order … Because its for babies, because he’s 10 months and shouldn’t be SO clingy, because of greedy capitalists, because society says you should, because he just is a mouse … Etc.

But you know what? I’m going to stop asking Why? It’s making me sad and angry. So instead I’m going to just live and things will happen, good and bad and I won’t ask Why? I’ll just go with it. Or try to. At least for the small stuff. There’s something peaceful about choosing not worry and ask why all the time.

But not for Joni, for her Why? is about learning and exploring, which is brilliant and I’m encouraging it (apart from when she asks ‘Why tummy soft and pushy Mummy?’ Thanks kiddo).

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