A letter to my 15 year old self

I wrote this after reading Charlotte’s post over on her blog. Look at the links at the bottom to lots of other blogs with the same type of story from different people. It’s fascinating, eye opening and helps me with my nosiness! 

Before fake tan, hair straighteners and wrinkles

Before fake tan, hair straighteners and wrinkles

I don’t know where to start. How much should I tell you about the future? Not sure. I’m writing this to you from 12 years time. You’ve got 12 full, exhausting, exciting and sometimes terrifying years ahead of you.

I’ll tell you this though: you look good. You continue to look absolutely brilliant. Believe it. Don’t listen to anyone else about that (apart from your eventual husband – he’s right) It’s actually, despite what some people (including yourself) will tell you, not that important. You still try to convince yourself of this every day.

It’s with trepidation that I tell you that you get into the university you want to go to. I tell you what, you’ll regret not working harder in your GCSE’s, but you make up for it with your A-Levels and you should have done a lot more work at uni, but then you wouldn’t have had such a good time … So don’t worry about it. You still did well. In fact, you’ve done some pretty brilliant things that you will be really (quietly, most of the time) proud of. You also play a LOT of netball in the next 10 years, weird eh?

You’ve also had an incredibly dark and distressing couple of years in the middle. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but some of your decisions lead you into circumstances that come very close to ruining everything. In fact, at one point, I wasn’t sure you’d make it. But you did. A moment comes when you hear a voice (I know, right?!!!) telling you that there is something better planned for you. Something more than this. Believe it and get out. It’s true.

When I first thought about writing this letter I wondered what you should know about. I guess the biggest thing that will shock you is that Mum and Dad are no longer together. You don’t need the details (remember that, when the time comes) but you do need to know that it is ok. In the end. Life will not be how you imagined but it is ok now. A bit strange sometimes, but ok.

Hey you know what? Mum was right! She has been telling you for a couple of years who you should marry. She’s correct. You do marry him and you have two beautiful children. He would like more. You live in a lovely town. You are happy. You are living your dreams. Some things aren’t how you imagined but they’re not as important as you think.

Oh and enjoy that flat, unblemished stomach. That goes at 24. Shame.


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5 Responses to A letter to my 15 year old self

  1. annie43 says:

    Oh Emma – I love this. So much I would say to my 15 year old self now 38 years later! So much of what matters then turns out not to matter at all. You have given me much to think about.
    Anne x

    • bornin2011 says:

      I think you’re right – so much seemed to matter that doesn’t now. I suspect I’ll feel the same again in another 15 years too, it makes me so grateful that we can change and adapt!

  2. Jo Trott says:

    Hi Emma,
    What a lovely letter! Do you think (once you got over the shock of receiving it!) that your 15-year old self would have taken any notice? I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have taken advice from my adult self – might even have made me do the complete opposite, I was that difficult and contrary at 15!!
    Jo xx

  3. Hello poppet! I’m sorry it has taken so long for me to comment! Work is busy! I absolutely loved this – I find that I’m getting a glimpse into who people are and where they have come from. I think you have done amazingly and I got goosebumps, like I did with everyone else’s letter. Have a lovely weekend with your family. xx

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