Dear Katie Hopkins

Dear Katie Hopkins,

I realise writing this letter is giving you the recognition you so crave, but you see I just couldn’t help myself. I had ignored the YouTube clips of your remarks on This Morning and I had ignored the twitter storm that ensued following them. Then, whilst feeding my son, I thought ‘I know, I’ll look up her twitter feed’. I don’t know why I did that. Sadisitic tendancies it seems.


Your tweets, like the ones photographed here have made me feel queasy. I mean, you cannot be serious? Are you really that stupid to think that life for the children you refer to is as clear cut as your glib, rude and offensive tweets suggest?

Do you not like children? Do you really think that the children you so idiotically describe deserve your judgemental, fame grabbing insults??

Your tweets today have gone beyond simply being able to know a families social class by the names they give they children. They generalise, patronise and stereotype families who are less well off than yours.

I would love to know: why don’t you focus your energy on something important? Spend your energy supporting a cause that is worthy of your ability to provoke such a reaction in 140 characters.

Stop using innocent children, and the names they were born with, to promote yourself.

Why not, instead, promote a charity like First Days who supports children by providing families with clothes, toys, furniture and equipment for babies and toddlers – why do they do it? Because they want all children to have the same start in life, regardless of their name, family, the car their parents drive or the type of tv they have. In fact, there are countless charities who work to positively enhance the lives of children across the country. Why not support ALL children instead of criticising something as plainly irrelevant as their name.

I run First Days, and would love to see communities supporting one another across the country through redistributing goods and services in order to give children the best start in life. For more info email me –

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3 Responses to Dear Katie Hopkins

  1. Joni Mitchell says:

    Prime Minister Joni?


  2. Scrappy wife says:

    I don’t think she is for real. I think it’s a set up and that she is payed a lot of money to be highly controversial in the media. The ironic thing is that people that are getting their nickers all in a twist about what she says are ‘feeding’ the hype and keeping her in the limelight and allowing her to do her job well. Thats my thought anyway..

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