Breastfeeding Boobcamp


Introducing Boobcamp – denying Wilbur all access to feeding at night. So it’s actually more of an anti-boob camp. Stopping night feeds is something we should have done a couple of months ago but, as most people with babies who don’t sleep will understand, we were TOO TIRED.

We decided that last night would be the night to start. Despite the fact that Wilbur is recovering from another chest infection and is cutting more teeth we decided to start. I’ve reached levels of tiredness where I can’t really string sentences together and my fuse is very short. Something’s gotta give.

So, the plan was to send Joni for a sleepover at Mam’s house so I could get some sleep in her room … But then we were offered some tickets to see Springsteen and couldn’t resist. We’d tried for hours to get tickets to no avail. The boss is one of Chris’s all time favourites. So, joni’s going for her sleep over tonight and Wilbs will be coming home when we get home. This meant that last night I was on the sofa. I went and stole Joni’s duvet … Calm down, she was in her sleeping bag, and settled down for a night on the sofa.

The rules of Boobcamp are:

1) I need to not be in the room, initially. When Wilbur sees me he immediately thinks of milk, especially at night.

2) Chris comforts him when he wakes. Cuddles, rocks, offers water. In the dark of our room NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES

3) If he is inconsolable and very upset then Chris has the option to abort Boobcamp and bring him to me for a feed.

4) Boobs are banned for a predefined period of time. Last night is was midnight to 5am

5) At 5am when the boob-ban is over I take over and Chris can get a few hours sleep.

So, last night was the first night.

In fact, his last feed was around 11pm. Chris bought him downstairs to me at 6:15. In that time Wilbur woke up 3 times and I heard a little bit of crying but not much. Chris managed to settle him by rocking and cuddling him each time. He didn’t want water, just comforting. I slept for four hours in a row for the first time in a year. It felt successful!

So, tonight will be a little bit different as we’ll be out in the evening and Wilbur will miss his pre-bed feed. I’m planning on feeding him when we get home and then having a boob ban for 5 hours and seeing what happens.

The plan is to then increase the hours of the boob ban over time and also teach Wilbur that I can comfort him without feeding him when he needs it.

So, here goes.

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