Joni is going to be 2 years old in a couple of weeks. Absolutely can’t believe how quickly these two years have flown by. Another mystery of parenting: two years can go by in flash and yet you can feel like your child has always been with you. The other day I found myself trying to remember who looked after Joni on the morning of our wedding – after a few seconds I realised that she didn’t exist then! So strange.
In two years we’ve had 2 children, moved house, broken a leg, battled sleep, had a couple of holidays, hospital stays, had childminders, back to work, new friends, old friends, Christmases and birthdays and, most recently, I’ve started a charity. It’s been busy. And really, being busy is what this post is about.
When Wilbur was born I was shocked. I had to work hard to work out how to be a mother of two children and, whilst on days like today it’s still hard, I think I’m getting there. Something changed: I decided to JUST DO IT. Just get up every day and do it. Even if Wilbur has woken me every 45 minutes and Joni is crying and shouting NO MUMMY at everything I do I’m just going to do it. And what’s more? I’m going to just do it with enthusiasm and love. I realised I only get one chance at this. Whilst I can certainly not promise to not Instagram pictures of Joni crying or tell Twitter how bloody tired I am, I will parent with all my energy.
It will be the blink of an eye before they’re at school and this phase is all over. So I’ll enjoy it.
I realised that in order to JUST DO IT, I need to do something separate from the children too. So that’s one of the reasons I started First Days. It’s a cause I have had on my heart for a while and I just decided to do it in January. Have a look at the First Days website to find out more.
Obviously there are hard days. Tired days. Can’t be bothered days. But I’m trying. Trying to be the best for my family and for me and so far it seems to be working. I never thought being so busy would work for me, but it is. So my advice, if you have little ones driving you mental: JUST DO IT. Enjoy it, miss it when it’s over … and wish me luck.


Our best parenting efforts with Joni represented in this picture!

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3 Responses to JUST DO IT

  1. V says:

    Well said you!!! Thanks for that, given me a kick up the rear xx

  2. Ant says:

    I still can’t believe how much you cram into a day and how chipper you stay about it. Good on you.

  3. Jane says:

    You are singing my song! I have three under five and have recently taken on a masters degree. It’s knackering and some days my mind is a blur, but I’m so much happier to be doing something for me. Good luck with the charity – I’m sure you will do a great job – its all about attitude!

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