Two under two

I’ve put off writing this post because if you have more than one baby you’ll already know this and if you don’t have any then you might not believe me! But I’m going to write anyway.

There are times when I wonder what on earth we were thinking having children 19 months apart, then – as if they can read my mind – my children remind me. As soon as Wilbur merely whimpers Joni runs to him, offers him Pete (Peter Rabbit, her BFF) and says “don’t cry Wilbur” and in return as soon as Wilbur catches sight of Joni he smiles with so much love for his big sister.

To begin with it was hard. Really, really hard. I had a planned caesarean for Wilbur’s birth, which took a long time to recover from. In the first few weeks Wilbur was sleepy, jaundiced, and not putting on weight. Then he was hungry – really, really hungry. Then Joni got a tummy bug and so did Wilbur. Then he got a cough and cold, again from his big sister. Then I got sad.

I was really, really sad. I cried all the time, didn’t want to go out or see anyone. I cancelled plans and stayed inside. I was very worried that I was spiralling into a pit of depression. I was incredibly sleep deprived and not coping at all. I wondered what on earth we’d done to ourselves having two children so close together. In the end Chris had a week off when Wilbur was 8 weeks old and after then things changed. I caught up on some sleep, which really helped and I was feeling human again after the surgery. Chris was a brilliant support throughout a very hard couple of months, and talking to him really helped me through it.

I still get anxious, I get anxious when I have a day with no plans. I adore Joni, but her conversation isn’t exactly stimulating yet. I am still more tired than I could begin to describe. 3 or 4 hours sleep every night followed by a full day of juggling both children on my own is the most physically demanding thing I have ever done. But, I am managing and most of the time I actually like it. One huge benefit of having a second child is a reassuring sense of perspective. I know phases are short and change quickly. I know that, at some point, I will get more sleep.

Wilbur and Joni are an absolute joy. Recently Joni has cracked her first joke and her little personality makes her the best almost 2 year old ever (obviously). Wilbur is so easy to please, as long as he’s fed at least every two hours, he happily laughs and smiles the day away.

I have big plans for the next year, for myself and for our little family, and I think I’ve emerged from the newborn fog – with two children under two – more confident and with a renewed sense of I CAN DO THIS!

Despite our fair share of bad minutes, hours and sometimes days, I strongly believe that if I can do this then anyone can.

Joni, Pete and Wilbur



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5 Responses to Two under two

  1. corkfeet says:

    Fantastic. Thank you so much for this Emma. Certainly give me hope that I will manage with 2. X

  2. Lovely post and I so needed to hear this! I’ve been getting increasingly anxious about having 2 littles. Doesn’t help that I’m already sleep deprived! Needed to be reminded about the phase thing; that it’s all temporary (even if it is ridiculously tiring at the time!). Joni & Wilbur are adorable and the fact that you’ve somehow found time to write a post fills me with a lot of hope!! X

  3. Lovely, brave, open and honest post Emma! There’s nothing wrong with admitting that it’s hard as it does sound really, really hard (but also sounds like you’re doing a completely fantastic job). It’s far more useful for people to know this than if you pretended that it’s all perfect and amazing. How cute are those photos?! xx

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