A Birth Story – Nate’s Birth

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Nate’s Birth

After Kyle’s traumatic birth (http://blog.kynaboutique.co.uk/2012/01/13/kyna-boutiques-nominated-charity/) I was hoping for a very different experience with Nate. It had taken my several years to pluck up the courage to have another child, I was actually adamant that I would never have any more children as I really didn’t want to go through the worry and heartache again.

It seems finding love changed my mind and made me want to have children together. I have to admit this time round I had so much support throughout my pregnancy it made even the most difficult days somehow ok.

So here is Nate’s birth story.

I actually started labour twice before with Nate, once at 32 weeks and again at 36 weeks, both times the hospital were amazing and after giving me the steroid injections needed to develop the babies lungs, they managed to stop the labour.

Nate then decided that as I obviously didn’t want to meet him just yet then he would change his mind and stay inside until well into my 39th week! Little Monkey.

On the day of his actual birth it all went so fast, I was squatting in the bay window having a good nosey at who was visiting the neighbours. As I stood up my waters broke, Kyle said “mummy have you just done a wee? I think you need the toilet” before shaking his head at me and I shouted Jay to come and give me a hand.

After speaking to the midwife on the phone they asked me to pop into hospital just to check me over. So off we went on the 30 min drive to hospital.

The midwife was lovely and did a good examination before booking me in to be induced the following day if my contractions hadn’t started. So off we went on our way home.

It was on the journey that my contractions started and they came thick and fast, by the time we were home they were regular and 3 minutes apart – eeek. This meant a swift journey back to the hospital hoping that we got there in time.

I was taken straight through and given another examination – I was dilating well and already 5cm – I don’t mess about me J.

At this point the gas and air became my friend, the contractions had become continuous and I was determined I didn’t want an epidural. I had decided that as I coped without pain relief with Kyle than I could do the same again.

I’m sorry to say the pain got a bit much and I asked for some Pethidine. The midwife refused and said I would be giving birth within the next 30 mins so it would be pointless. Obviously my death stare worked as she soon changed her mind and agreed on a half dose (due to me being petite I couldn’t have a full dose)

She was right and within 20 mins I was pushing and my little boy was on his way out, gosh it hurt like hell! Giving birth to a 7lber hurts much more than a 4lber, who was I kidding thinking gas and air would be enough! (Somebody please remind me this time that I want more drugs!)

All of a sudden there was a bit of a panic and the midwife called for back up, the cord was caught around Nate’s neck and they needed to get him out quick.

The consultant who came in delivered him using a Ventouse, to say this stung is an understatement but worth it to know he was ok.

Due to the Ventouse I had to have a number of stitches, luckily the Pethidine had started to kick in by this time so it was ok. I remember laying back watching Jay look at his son for the first time and seeing the wave of love and pride across his face.

So here I am, expecting my third child and hoping that the speed of labour doesn’t get quicker with each child. Kyle was 6 hours, Nate 3hours – eeek. Please let me get to the hospital!

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