Reading Block

My husband despairs at the huge piles of books by my bed and on my shelves that I have valiantly bought and, cowardly, never read.

I heard a little of a programme on the radio recently about reading – a woman was talking about getting back into reading after a 12 year hiatus. She had two children aged 12 and 8 and hadn’t read in all that time. This worried me a bit. I’ve heard that Mum’s find it hard to read when their children are little – but I thought this passed quicker than 12 years.

I used to read a fair amount. Not as much as my husband and no way near as much as our friend Susie. My reading taste is looked down upon on the whole by Chris, but I think it’s fairly respectable. I mean I have read Les Miserables. My guilty pleasure is Anita Shrieve – could be worse?

Anyway, since having Joni I haven’t really been able to pick up a book and read it. I’ve read some parenting books but I can’t seem to get going on any novels. I think I’ve read 2 in 14 months.

Eventually the woman in the radio programme got back into reading by keeping a book in the bathroom and grabbing chances to read the odd page when her children were in the bath etc. She said she felt threatened by the idea of a book waiting for her in her bedroom and maybe taking up her precious sleep time. I can relate to this. When I go to bed at night I am asleep within seconds of my head hitting the pillow, I couldn’t read if I wanted to.

I’ve thought about getting a kindle, especially for when the new baby arrives as breastfeeding and reading a real book is rather tricky. Actually I’d love an iPad, but my money tree has been pretty fruitless of late.

I’ve bought a couple of novels this year – but they still sit unread by my bed.

The one book I have read a lot is What Mothers Do and I’ve just bought Kiss Me! By Carlos Gonzalez, which I started yesterday. I can concentrate on parenting books.

I’ve also been reading Hard Work by Polly Toynbee, which I am finding fascinating. I could have written such good essays at university if I’d read the books on the reading list then instead of now.

Maybe non-fiction is the way forward for people with baby and toddler related reading block?

Has anyone had the same issues? Is a kindle the way forward?? (HUGE resistance from Chris towards this idea, we do love our actual books)


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7 Responses to Reading Block

  1. Joanna says:

    EBooks are definitely the way forward. I just find books such a pain but I can read on my phone mostly any time. I have a kindle app and a free eBook app. Just download the app for your phone and see what you think then you don’t need to invest money while still uncertain.

    I love books but have no attachments to the form in which they exist. My only priority is to read and when I first started to get back to Terry Pratchett and Stephen King, I found myself relaxing in ways I didn’t with other activities.

    (12years no reading?! Wtf? Not impressed.)

    Good luck!

  2. Judith says:

    When my boys were small there were no ebooks, but I read paperbacks while breastfeeding which worked fine. I should mention I’m addicted to reading so no reading at all would be impossible for me.

    You’d be setting a very good example to your children if they see you reading. You could start a 20-minutes a day reading session when they’re toddlers maybe. You with your book and they with theirs?

    The problem is when you make reading bottom on your list, it will NEVER happen. Move it up and you’ll find there is a little bit of time for it. Yes, something has to give, but with small children, you can’t be a perfect housewife anyway. At least, in my experience, it was always a bit hectic and messy anyway. 🙂

  3. Imogen says:

    I have been addicted to audio-books since I was six years old. In many ways I actually prefer them, as despite my day-job I’m not actually a very good reader! Personally I use them to get to sleep or on the few occasions when I go for a run, but I’ve read (ironically) from people talking about how much more they get done around the house with an audio-book. is good and I think you can get a free download if you’re a first-timer! If you’re after light-relief then I dare I say Alan Partridge’s auto-biography is quite sublime!

  4. I down load books on my iPhone that way I can play some while cooking but also have some to read as I like to read when I can. But having a two year old and 6 year old makes it hard sometimes. Hope you find your answer as books are great fiction is great as gets your brain imagening thing which you need when u have kids. Keep on blogging

  5. Kyla says:

    I have read 5 books out of your pile I love reading and read in the bath when the kids are in bed. The rules of love is my favorite from your pile.
    I’f you love reading find time, it’s that tiny bit of you time

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