This is getting ridiculous. In fact it’s getting embarrassing.

Joni is ill again.

She had a snotty nose all week, then a nasty cough developed on thurs/fri. By Saturday she had a temperature of 39.5c, which calpol (and being in a cool room, with cool, damp skin) wouldn’t bring down. She became very clingy and was just lying on Chris and whimpering and her breathing was quite shallow … So we took her to the doctor who said she had a chest infection and gave her antibiotics.

Yesterday, she developed a rash all over her body. At first I thought it was heat rash. But then some definite spots developed. So I guessed it could be either a reaction to the antibiotics, a viral rash … Or chicken pox.

In the end it was all too confusing with the antibiotics, chest and now the rash so I saw the doctor again today who thought it probably is chicken pox.

This baby has had at least 3 chest infections and numerous ear infections. She has had a major stomach bug which resulted in her being in hospital. She’s had other bugs and countless colds.

So, what am I doing wrong? She’s clean, our house in clean. She eats plenty of fruit and vegetables and has a good diet. She gets lots of exercise and fresh air.

I just don’t understand how one child can get so ill all the time. Obviously it’s nothing to worry about in terms of her over all health – a lot of people deal with children with worse health issues, but it’s just so frustrating. We’ve had to
cancel so much because of Joni’s illnesses, it’s getting embarrassing talking about it. 10 days illness free is some sort of achievement these days. Poor girl.

Joni holding her drink bottle, which she won’t drink, feeling very sorry for herself

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2 Responses to ILL AGAIN

  1. eciton says:

    On the plus side, when she’s a bit older her immune system will be AWESOME. I think you’re doing everything you can!

  2. A Mothers Grim says:

    Oh poor Joni (adore her name by the way) definitely sure you aren’t doing anything wrong, some children just pick things up more than others, unluckily. Hope she feels better soon 🙂

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