My manager told me that my job is like teaching a baby to talk – you’re keen for them to do it but you don’t always like what they say when they can eventually speak. (I help children’s centres understand the information/data they collect about themselves so they can try to improve the services they provide).

Well, so far teaching Joni to talk has been pure joy. We just had an amazing weekend where we had loads of fun all together and Joni has been a delight. She’s really full of personality and has begun to crack herself up quite a lot, which is pretty hilarious.

Tonight before bed she sat on my lap and spontaneously decided to go through all her words and sounds. It was brilliant. She currently has the following words to offer:

Bye bye – this is definitely the most frequent and is used to alert me that she’s doing something she doesn’t want me to see, actually say bye bye and tell me she’s bored. The other day she walked into a door and shouted an angry Bye Bye to it.



Bubbah = daddy




Mmmaaaa = Max, little boy at the childminders

Dwack = this is a duck and quack in one

Ahhhh = said when things are being cuddled, which is most of the day.

I’m sure there are a few more, which I can’t think of right now. She’s just adorable – so expressive and seems to understand everything I say (note to self: stop swearing) she is also constantly babbling away, sometimes in whispers under her breath too!

Ahhhh love. These pregnancy hormones are making me a bit loved up today!

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5 Responses to Talking

  1. So cute love how baby’s bable

  2. Jo Trott says:

    Really enjoying getting your blog entries e-mailed to me direct.

  3. Hilary says:

    She is so advanced! I especially like the bye bye I want to do something without you seeing!

    Theo just said night night to me for the first time – well, “nighigh” anyway, with a little hand closing gesture… v cute 🙂


    • bornin2011 says:

      She’s added ‘bye bye that’ now to her repertoire … Basically to everything she doesn’t want. Haha!

      Aww, really need to arrange a time to see you maybe one Saturday morning or something so Theo and Joni can play!


      • Hilary says:

        Hi, sorry I thought I’d replied but it seems it didn’t work.

        Hope the pox is safely on the way out now.

        Would be lovely to see you and Joni! Sat mornings are often good and we can come to you if that makes life easier – sounds like the spd is giving you a hard time again. I have been meaning to try and organise a group get together over the summer too. Will send an email round. Xx

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