Craving Netball

Recently I have been yearning to exercise. Not pregnancy exercise … I mean heart beating in your eyeballs, quick sit down before you’re sick exercise.

I used to play a lot of netball. I started playing when I was 12 and it was something I did every single week, regardless of anything else in my life until I got pregnant with Joni at 24.

I played at school and for a women’s team in the evening out side of school then I played at university …



(hmm we did actually play twice a week)

Then after university I started the mighty BEARS – we played in Camden and were, undeniably, amazing.


And one of me actually playing:


I also played for a club – Grasshoppers – in Isleworth. Which I loved. Just the right level of complete and utter competitive determination! We trained once a week and played twice, so this – coupled with BEARS – meant I was playing nearly every day.

I could play netball ALL day. I love it.

After having Joni I was really keen to get back into it – I was stupid in how I approached it. Grossly overweight, hugely unfit (I had done couch to 5k to train, but still – hugely unfit), and not really recovered from the pelvic problems that blighted my pregnancy.

So I went to a training session and this happened:


So I had this for 6 weeks:


This was a total nightmare. My husband is at work for 12 hours a day and I am with Joni. Joni was 6 months old and was almost crawling but not quite. She needed to be carried everywhere. The week it started I was meant to start introducing solid food to her. She wasn’t a newborn so wasn’t content with just eating/sleeping/staring at me. She needed playing with and entertainment and I was on crutches. We did have a mountain of help from friends and family – which I am eternally grateful for – but it was a dark time for me. It was incredibly depressing and Chris and I found it very hard to communicate well through it. We have definitely both learnt from that time – but we definitely don’t want to put that learning to the test!

Did I mention we had moved house 3 days before?! Yep!

I had no urge whatsoever to play netball again after this. I took up swimming – had anyone ever broken a bone swimming?! And was ok with this.

Then I got pregnant with baby number 2 and guess what? I’ve got that netball pang. I know I won’t play for at least another year or two – but weird how I suddenly want to, isn’t it?

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