Second Pregnancy – Week 18

I have been trying to remember how I felt at week 18 with Joni. I think I was feeling pretty good, although I had just had the flu. Anyone who has had the flu whilst pregnant will know that it is not nice. In fact I was hallucinating that we had a woodpecker in our garden and my husband made me have a cold shower to bring my temperature down. It was pretty grim. But I had stopped feeling SOOOO ILLLLL. The last few days I have been feeling so ill that it is pretty much all I can think about. I’m too ill to work and WAY to ill to deal with Joni crying for an hour at 11pm last night. By midnight we found that only 2 things calmed her down – looking at photo of me with my Grandad when I was baby (the same Grandad who Joni absolutely ADORES now) and eventually playing with duplo in our bed. We thought about letting her fall asleep with us, but after being whacked in the eyes every time I closed them Chris thought better of it and somehow managed to get her to sleep in her own room. Kudos to that man.

I am in that stage of looking fat but not pregnant. Now, i’m not saying I didn’t look fat before but i’ve lost 5kg since getting pregnant and my stomach is definitely sizably bigger. In a kind of putting on 5kg way.

I’m determined not to gain too much weight in this pregnancy, so far i’m doing pretty well, although feeling this ill is making me just want to eat potato waffles and ice cream.

I had some tests at the doctors because I am convinced there is more going on that just regular pregnancy fatigue and aches and pains and the GP has requested that some be repeated.

We’ll see – a day in bed today seems to have really helped.


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