My old familiar friend

All these memories are still rushing back. Today: the hangover without the hangover. I am spotty, my hair is greasy, my head is pounding and my whole body aches. Woohooo.

I had an appointment with the midwife, i’m not entirely sure of my dates so had my booking appointment. She asked me all the usual questions and then some about Joni’s birth. How do I feel? My answer: terrified. So terrified that when you ask me at 16 weeks if I’d like to hear the heartbeat my answer will be no. That sound makes me sweat. She said that the consultant will try to convince me to have a vbac – he can try! I’ll write more about that when it happens.

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2 Responses to My old familiar friend

  1. Alex says:

    Good stuff- not the feelings, obviously, but the writing really conveys them well. Hope it’s all vibing out well!

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