Finding Out

Saturday 4th February 2012

I, using my in depth medical knowledge, had decided that I wasn’t ovulating. My periods were weird and the world had transpired against me to decide that Joni would be an only child.

Obviously I’m medically inept and last Tuesday I did a pregnancy test (I will never admit to myself or anyone the amount I have spent on pregnancy tests!!) and there was the faintest extra pink line. I was cautiously optimistic and since then have done 2 more tests where the results were pretty conclusive!!!!!

So …. I’m Pregnant

And, already it has all come flooding back to me. See separate post for list of Things I Had Conveniently Forgotten about being preggo.

The thought that scares the hell out of me is the tiredness. The tiredness and Joni. I know people do it … I think I am going to have to develop super powers in order to do this.

Apparently in your second pregnancy things happen sooner – feeling movement, showing a bump etc. I find it hard to believe that anyone would notice though as my stomach resembles a 5 month bump as it is. Hoping people at work will just think that I’m getting fat before I tell them (which I’m planning on doing late on – tell them that is, not get fat)

Here is Joni, apparently looking for a brother or sister!


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