Dealing with change

Tuesday 7th February

As you may be able to tell I do not deal with change particularly well. Initially I get super organised, SO organised it must drive my husband mad. This helps as it allows me to suppress all my emotions, why should I feel worried or anxious when everything is in its place and colour coded and clean??? Hmm. Brain not quite a simple as that.

I’m in the organisational phase of dealing with this HUGE change.

Chris and I have decided that our new years resolution for 2013 will be for me not to give birth that year!! Fancy just establishing our little family next year rather than adding to it (again).

So, I am thinking about double pushchairs – Joni won’t be 2 when the next baby arrives so a buggy board on my lovely bugaboo won’t quite cut it. I don’t think I can part with my trusty pushchair though so we’ll keep it for when Joni does want to ride on a board!

I have found 2 that I potentially like – iCandy Pear and Baby Jogger City Select. I need to see them both to decide. It has to be narrow enough to be wheeled through my kitchen so we’ll see.

So I’ll be scouring eBay for the best deal.

Anyway, watch this space for my various attempts to manage my fear of change with a whole load of organising and hiding from my feelings (followed by various emotional meltdowns)

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2 Responses to Dealing with change

  1. Alicia says:

    Emma! I have just caught up with your blog – congratulations! So exciting. We are obv on the same baby timetable as I am preggers too. Due September.
    Anyway the reason for this post is to say that I have the baby jogger city select and it is fab. We currently use it as a single and I love it. Not sure how it goes yet as a double but we will see!
    Hope you are well, I am finally over the sickness, hope you are too. X

    • bornin2011 says:

      Ah Alicia! That’s amazing news – congratulations!!!! Our number 2 is due oct 6th so they’ll be close in age. Good timing 🙂

      Ah great – think i’m going to go for that as a double, hoping it’ll be good!


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