What’s that Joni?

So, anyone who follows me on twitter may have noticed my incessant talking about tiredness and feeling rough over the last few weeks, and if I haven’t already let it slip to you, you may have been wondering … Yes! I’m pregnant with our second little baby!

We had a scan today and I’m almost 13 weeks. Joni and the new baby will be 19 months apart in age. On the whole I’m very excited about this, I know it’ll be an emotional and physical endurance test at the beginning but we’re so excited!

I’m also still a little overwhelmed by fear- I know we’re still in such early days – I guess you just have to believe that everything will be ok. It’s a miracle we’ve even got this far.

I will be blogging lots about second pregnancies, SPD, birth options after a caesarean and generally how I’m feeling! What a treat.

In fact, I have a few posts lined up that I’ve written over the last few weeks, which I’ll publish soon!


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3 Responses to What’s that Joni?

  1. well done you! there’ll be 21 months between my two (this one due in May) scared and excited. I can totally recommend the book ‘Second baby survival guide’ – full of good tips! I’ve been much more exhausted with this one, but it’s gone a lot faster. But I haven’t been in as much pain in my back and pelvis, I think probably because it’s already carried the load once! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, I’m trying to enjoy it, as I think it’ll be our last! xxx

    • bornin2011 says:

      Thank you! Eek you’ll have to give me all the advice you can once yours is born! Glad to hear its gone quickly – the last 7 weeks certainly have gone quickly for me, so hoping the rest will fly by!

  2. Lola says:

    Congratulations, Emma!!! You are very lucky. Enjoy your family, bigger very soon!

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