Joni and The Childminder

Joni has been going to her childminder for three weeks now. She seems to be settling in well – she cries a little when we drop her off but apparently settles quickly.

Her childminder writes a little journal for Joni every day


And I thought I’d post a few snippets from the diary as I’m so proud of her!

“Joni didn’t settle so quickly today – cried when Daddy left, but it didn’t last too long. She saw Peter Rabbit when I opened the bag and clung on to him.

She sat in the high hair while Max had his breakfast and then cuddled all the cuddly toys and read all the books”

“we went to toddler group … She was very interested in everything and eager to join in”

“we played with the teaset and then went out to pick up the girls, who were very pleased to see Joni and played with her when we got back”

“Joni played peekaboo around the playpen with Max and played with the animals”

“She slept 9:20-10:55 and again was standing with big smile on her face and much happier”

“we read, played with the teaset and she teased me as I tried to take her photo!”

I am so happy with our choice of childminder – she seems to really care for Joni and enjoy having her there.


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3 Responses to Joni and The Childminder

  1. Charlotte says:

    This is a lovely idea and at least you know what she’s being doing so, although you’re not with her, you can still feel like you were a part of her day.

  2. I used to keep a daily journal for a baby that I cared for. It’s a keepsake.

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