Going Back To Work

This week I went back to work after 14 months off.

I was completely dreading it and it mostly lived up to expectations.

The only saving grace was that Joni seems to be coping ok with the changes. She struggled on the first day because she hadn’t had enough sleep during the day and so was out of her tree by the time I picked her up. I’m hoping her grandparents manage to put her down to sleep this week.

Then she had a day and a half with her new childminder. This seemed to go pretty well. The childminder we chose has made a little journal for Joni which she gives me each day. She writes about Joni’s day in it – which is lovely and makes me laugh.

Some highlights were that she ‘went to sleep without too much fuss’ – I think that means she probably shouted for a while. She ‘did not like having her nappy changed’ – this means she was determined to get up and run around during various stages of nappy change and probably screamed when she wasn’t allowed!

The best bit was that she spent lots of time ‘reading the duck book and singing’. Funny girl.

I took no pleasure from going to work, I didn’t like the time to myself, the coffee breaks or the non-baby time. I want to be at home with my girl. We are trying to work out how/if we can make this happen. (anyone got any ideas or some spare cash?!) I have a few ideas brewing.

The thing that makes it bearable is that we have good childcare. Chris’s parents are wonderful and love Joni a lot – can’t ask for more than that.

Our childminder is, so far, everything we are looking for. Joni seems completely at ease there and there is a little boy there as well who is 5 months older than Jones. Debbie (the childminder) taught the little boy Joni’s name so on the first day he was running around shouting ‘Joni hello Joni hello Joni hello’ ( followed by showing her all the important things: door, wall, window, tree, car, floor etc).

We wanted her childminder to have lots of experience, a decent Ofsted report but most of all be kind and loving. Also I trusted my instinct. We saw a few childminders and Debbie was the only one I could imagine leaving Joni with.

I woke up this morning with that awful Sunday feeling. Not a feeling I relish or welcome. Need an exit strategy I think. Or a money tree.


We were both a bit sad after the first day with the childminder

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