First Shoes

Yesterday we went to buy Joni her first pair of shoes!

She has been walking for a while and I thought shoes would give her extra confidence (and we wouldn’t have so many irredeemable socks after trips out!)

So we went to our local shoe shop, which is like something out of the early 80s – don’t think it, or it’s stock have been updated since then! A lovely man measured Joni’s feet


And then went to find some shoes that would fit her. There were only 2 pairs that would fit her little feet – not the ones I had my eye on either. Poor child will probably always have to have the ugly shoes like I did for my flipper feet!

Eventually we found a pair that fitted. They are quite cute. Joni did not enjoy the man fiddling with her feet and she acted like we had screwed her feet to the floor and refused to walk at all!

As it was her first pair of shoes they took a picture of her and put it on the front of a little book where we can keep track of her little feet! She got very red in the face and looked very angry in the photo!!


She also got a balloon to celebrate her first shoes which she hit herself over the head with all the way home!!!


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One Response to First Shoes

  1. Joanna says:

    What a brilliant place. Where did you go? I have to go get M’s shoes fitted this week and I’d love for her to get a balloon, and of course, for it to be done properly.

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