The Problem with the Caesarean Debate

Firstly, I think this is a really good article about the whole debate. It makes a lot of sense – I really hope women don’t choose a section because they are ill informed or scared.

However, I welcome the new guidelines. I am terrified (and this is not an OTT way to describe how I feel) that I will have to fight tooth and nail to have a Caesarean next time. My birth experience was terrible; it resulted in injury to my baby and psychological  scarring to me. I still have flashbacks and nightmares about labour, how I was treated and the pain I was in. I know I gave birth in a terrible hospital and they have admitted that the midwives did not care for me they way they should have. The eventual surgical procedure was sweet relief from the hell I was in.

Sadly, painfully sadly, the days that led up to Joni’s birth, her birth day and the night that followed were the worst of my life. The only thing that got me through the night was the joy that my baby was here, albeit a little injured.

If I am protected a little from a fight where I am put under pressure to try for a natural birth then I welcome the new guidelines.

The vital point there though is that I am just one person. Everyone has a different experience. Every case has to be treated individually. Sweeping generalisations simply don’t work.

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3 Responses to The Problem with the Caesarean Debate

  1. jane says:

    Nearly 38 years ago now I had my daughter by ceaser section after several days of fruitless labour and much demonising of me as a very young mum. It was terrifying and I did it alone, thankfully being young my body healed quickly although the emotional scars are still there. My daughter was left with a small scar on her face which I was told would soon disappear…it’s still there. 31 years ago I had my second daughter I was assured..professional judgement and all that…that all would be fine this time. It was worse, and I was left with a rupured uterus ergo no more babies and a baby that was quite distressed. If I could have had a choice I would have had a second section and saved myself an extraordinarily stressful time. It was a different time and care was different but as women we do know our bodies and should be given the choce…IF it’s medical…it’s a major op and should be treated as such

  2. bornin2011 says:

    Thanks Jane – I agree. And your story shows just how emotionally scarring it can be not have choice taken away from you. Thanks for your post x

  3. bornin2011 says:

    I mean it shows how emotionally scarring it can be not to have a choice or to have it taken away from you x

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