Weaning – My Way

I feel at last that we are doing really well with weaning. So here’s what we are doing:

I was determined to keep her completely milk fed until 6 months, despite numerous suggestions of baby rice, rusks and just about anything else. I was told when she was 5.5 months old that she needed 3 meals a day now. I disagreed. Everything I have read, including the NHS guidance, says that babies are absolutely fine with milk up to 6 months. So, when she was six months we were going to start.

A minor hiccup came when I broke my ankle. When I say minor hiccup what I really mean is absolute nightmare. Not weight bearing and having a baby are not compatible. Chris is out for 12 hours a day and it was tough – don’t know what I would have  done without friends, family and Twitter! (and wine and chocolate, naturally). The effect this had on my plans for weaning were pretty big. I had planned to try Baby Led Weaning – but by 6 months I knew Joni needed more food and I wanted to give her it. So I made the decision to feed her puree’d food, from a spoon. for the time being. And this is where I admit that I have really enjoyed it. Initially we just bought Ella’s Kitchen pouches as I could carry these from the kitchen whilst on crutches.

This lasted for a bit, but I got sick of them and thought they tasted horrible too. So recently I have made all her food myself, its pretty lumpy with loads of flavours and new things to try. She seems to enjoy it and I am becoming more and more confident in my cooking abilities for her. I hope to start making whole meals that we can all eat, and she can just have hers adapted to suit her. She has some finger food – steamed vegetables, fruit and variations on toast. If she wants to play with it I let her … sometimes. We always eat at the table and there are no distractions. I don’t force her eat when she doesn’t want to. She is a pretty willful little girl so she lets me know when she doesn’t want any more – and that’s fine.

I felt like a complete let down for not doing what I had set out to do, but I am really happy with how things have turned out. Like everything with Joni, I hope I find it less stressful with the next one.

As my lovely and wise brother said “how many adults do you know who can’t feed themselves?” I admire and aspire to his (and his lovely wife’s) attitude to parenting.

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