Daddy Love

Today Joni has been out of sorts. She’s had strange nappies, nappy rash and a temperature – maybe these elusive teeth?

She fell asleep in the middle of a playgroup full of loud toddlers this morning and she has also been crying for no reason (very unlike her). Poor little Joni.

She was upset but just sitting quietly with me when Chris came home from work. When he walked in she looked at him, looked at me, looked back at him and was trying not to cry – she then burst into big tears and crying and reached up to her Daddy and wanted just him until bed time. Now, Chris is quite used to this behaviour – I know how Joni feels. Sometimes I manage all day, put on a brave face even though it’s a bad day and then Chris walks through the door and it all comes out, often in tears.

Poor Joni showing signs of being like me from a very young age – and thank goodness we have Chris to make it all better at the end of the day.


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2 Responses to Daddy Love

  1. I sometimes just want to give Chris a big long cuddle too.


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