A Letter about The Past

Dear Joni,

Here is a photo taken in May 1986; I was a month or so older than you are now. Also, you will probably recognise your Uncle Alex (who was four, and wearing an amazing jumper) and your Grandpa (my Daddy). You won’t recognise the lady in the photo who is holding me so I am going to tell you all about her.

Sorry about the quality of the photo, I just found it and scanned it onto the computer using a scanner of questionable quality (not all photos are digital, you know).

Any way, the lady in the photo is your Great, Great Aunty Lulu. She is my great Aunty and Grandpa’s Aunty. She was Grandpa’s Mummy’s Sister. Confusing I know.

She had an absolutely incredible life – jam packed with adventures, love and fun, as well as her fair share of heartache and pain. Her brother and her husband were killed in World War II. If we go to the War Memorial in Runnymede (near where you were born) we can find her brother’s name on the wall. Grandpa has visited her husband’s grave in Holland, maybe we will too one day.

I’ll leave Grandpa to fill you in on the details, but I’ll tell you she escaped death twice (that we know of!) Once – miraculously, when a helicopter crashed into the sea and she was one of the only survivors. Grandpa will show you photos of her with almost every member of the Royal Family, she used to give Prince Charles lifts around the island where she lived in her little Noddy Car! She spent her time looking out for people, raising money and being kind to her community.

I have lots of memories of visiting her, going out for lunch and playing with her many cats whilst being fascinated by everything in her house. Every birthday and Christmas she has sent me a card, a present and purrs from the cat! You’ll have to ask Uncle Alex what the cats were all called – they had great names.

Today – 14th August 2011 – aged 89,  Aunty Lulu went to heaven. She is on national news after the helicopter accident saying that she prayed to Gary God (God had to have name -she chose Gary!) whilst treading water after the crash, so I believe that she has gone to heaven now. I will always remember her as being kind, joyful, dignified, glamourous and very funny. The last time I went out for lunch with her I remember she ordered a Cinzano and Lemonade – I was so intrigued by this exotic choice of drink that I wanted some for myself!

I hope Grandpa and I can tell you all about her, show you all the photos of her and of my Grandpa and Nana too. They were truly remarkable people, who showed strength and courage in the face of extreme adversity. They were dignified, friendly and kind – the best role models we could hope for. Ask Grandpa nicely and he’ll tell you all about them.

Love Mummy x

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  1. Mam says:

    Mam has a few stories too…

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