Our Fight with The Bottle – Winning!

We have had a major breakthrough today with getting Joni to drink her milk from a bottle. Now, I must admit the current drive to get her to drink from a bottle has been for purely selfish reasons – there is a summer party at my husband’s work and I want to go (not least to see Tinie Tempah, where I can indulge my love of middle class non-offensive rap).

I have been reluctant to get her using a bottle as I am pretty lazy and can’t be bothered to express milk – and I do also quite like the fact (when i’m not exhausted) that i am the only one who can feed her.

However, it is a good thing to get her used to feeding from a bottle and I am slowly getting a little store of milk in the freezer. Up to now we have had very limited success. I have tried different bottles, different times of day and different temperatures. Nothing worked. A friend then suggested I try a different size of teat. So today, armed with a size 2 teat and going back to the original Tommee Tippee bottle i tried once more, I made the milk quite warm as someone else suggested that it needs to be served at body temperature (makes sense).

Joni screamed as I tried to feed her holding her in my arms, so to soothe her I breastfed her and planned my next approach. I then laid her down on a pillow next to me on the sofa and tried that way. She wasn’t that impressed, so to distract her I held a toy over her head and all of a sudden she was sucking on the bottle, all the while staring at the giraffe pictured below.

Now, don’t get me wrong, our technique leaves a lot to be desired. She hasn’t really got the hang of it, she didn’t drink a huge amount (90ml!!) BUT I am very pleased, we will continue learning using this new technique, and hopefully we’ll be pro’s by the time I want to leave her alone with my Mum!

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