First Flight

My Mum’s first flight was at 39; mine was at 13; Joni’s was at 3 months. I’m not sure what that says about times changing or maybe about social mobility.

We flew to Copenhagen this weekend for a 3 night break with my Mum and her partner at their apartment. A note about the apartment – it is lovely, in a beautiful new development in a new part of Copenhagen. The view from the apartment window is unspoilt, to the left you can see the bridge to Sweden and the rest of the view is of miles and miles of fields with sheep and cows grazing. This website is in Danish but the photos are great

So – flying with a 3 month old. I won’t lie to you, I was nervous. I didn’t know what to expect but, essentially, it was fine.

What we did:

1. We checked the pram into the hold with the rest of our luggage; I took Joni in the baby carrier around the airport. At Copenhagen airport they had buggies which could be used once you had checked your pram into the hold – brilliant! I checked the pram in because it doesn’t really fold up and I think it would have broken if I hadn’t put it in a travel bag.

When we went through security Joni was asleep in the carrier and they didn’t make me take her out to go through the metal detector. This was a relief!

2. Babies have to be strapped in (with an attachment to your seat belt) for take off and landing. I managed to maneuver Joni so she was feeding during take off as I had heard this helps relieve their ears if they suffer from changes in pressure. She slept during the second landing and was strangely distracted by the front cover of Uncut magazine for the first landing; somehow The Small Faces prevented ear pain??

3. We flew with others. This meant that Joni could be passed around to various family members – meaning that she didn’t get too frustrated and bored.


4. We asked for Joni’s passport to be stamped when we entered the country – there is something very cute about her having a stamp in her passport!

Once on holiday Joni was a lot more adaptable than I thought she would be. She has a little pop up travel cot, which she seemed to really like and she slept just like she does at home. We went to a pub to watch the Champions’ League Final and despite at least 300 people being crammed in she slept peacefully through the whole thing. Things are different in Denmark to in England – it feels as though babies are a lot more welcome. Instead of people being annoyed or put off by Joni’s presence people were stopping to have a look in the pram and say how cute she is. This was true of every restaurant, cafe and shop we went into. Even on the plane people were kind rather than put out that they might be disturbed by a baby. She even charmed the man in passport control!

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One Response to First Flight

  1. Joanna says:

    You are so brave and Joni looks so gorgeous in her photos. And happy! Well done you guys. I want to travel with her but am quite scared. First have to get the passport of course.

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